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  • In order to benefit from CRM's natural weed-control properties, soil temperature at application is very important (55º F).  We're currently accepting rush orders in expectation of soil temps exceeding the recommended temperature in mid-April.
  • UPDATED 4/8/13: Our final early-spring order has been placed.  We are happy to supply CGM as a fertilizer at this point, but can no longer guarantee arrival before soil temperatures rise.  Please submit your contact info if you'd like to join our contact list for later this summer, fall, and next spring. 
  • We deliver pure Corn Gluten Meal to your doorstep, directly from the mill.
  • Our prices (including delivery) beat anything found on the internet and we stand behind the product.
  • Submit your information and we will call or email you within 24 hours to discuss your needs and provide a quote.

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If a healthy green lawn is what you want,

Corn Gluten Meal is All-Natural
A by-product of the corn milling process, this natural protein is an excellent source of food for your lawn. We source our CGM directly from the mills.

Safe To Use Around Children And Pets
Avoid nasty chemicals by choosing CGM for use as an amazing fertilizer. CGM also acts as a pre-emergent for weed control in your lawn (and garden) when applied at the right time of year*.

Now Easily Available In Our Area
Until now, Corn Gluten Meal has been extremely difficult to find in the DC Metro area. CGM Direct has solved that problem.

CGM Direct        Leesburg, VA        (703)999-3703

Pure Corn Gluten Meal delivered to your lawn or garden.  Serving Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.! 

Accepting pre-orders now.  Submit the contact form below, or give us a call at (703) 999-3703.

Corn Gluten Meal is the answer.

*Corn Gluten Meal works best by spreading once in the spring and again in the fall (apply in spring when soil temps hit 55º).  Although you'll see results this year, the full benefits will be seen after several years' use.  For this reason, we want you to be 100% satisfied and make us your CGM supplier for years to come.  We want to earn your business for the long-term. 

One 50lb bag will cover 2500 square feet. We are always happy to determine square footage and to suggest applications times.

Questions? Please give us a call anytime: (703) 999-3703

50 lb Bags are $50 (picked up) and $60 delivered (metro DC area)

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CRM Direct is a family-run company located in northern Virginia. Providing Corn Gluten Meal to this area is our mission. Contact us anytime at (703) 999-3703.

CRM Direct, a small, family-run business based in northern Virginia, provides pure CGM to the DC area.

For most homeowners, Corn Gluten Meal is hard to find.  Not only that, it's heavy and expensive to ship.  That results in higher costs to you, the customer.  CGM Direct sources pure Corn Gluten Meal directly from licensed corn mills in the American Mid-West and delivers the lowest prices available.  We prepare your orders in Leesburg, Virginia and deliver 50-pound bags of CGM to your doorstep.  We also offer local pick-up at farmers markets around the DC area (or by other arrangement, please call for details).  Our current price is $1.00/lb. for pick-up and $1.20 for delivery, in 50-lb increments.  (One 50-pound bag currently costs $50/bag for pickup, $60/bag for delivery.)

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